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The 4-1-1 on Face Acids

Written by Amber Liaquat


Posted on June 16 2017

We LOVE putting acid on our faces. That’s right. ACID. Not all acids are created equal. Some are moisturizing, some are exfoliating and some are not appropriate for facial care. We’re going to give you the skinny on some of our favorite acids for our faces.

Hyaluronic Acid – Ungreasy moisturizer that have stood the test of time

What is it?

It is a naturally occurring jelly-like acid that lubricates and cushions our joints, skin, hair and eyes.

Why should I use it?

Hyaluronic Acid is your go to moisturizer for supple and plump skin. Best of all it doesn’t leave your skin feeling greasy making it a steal for oily skin.

"Hyaluronic acid is awesome and it absolutely works" shares Dr. Wechsler.  "The beauty of hyaluronic acid is that it doesn't have any fine print," says Dr. Hirsch. "It benefits any skin type, at any age. And the truth is that everyone looks great with hydrated skin."

How do I get my hands on it?

To get an ideal mix of science and nature, try Crème Complete by Yoshimomo Botanique to combat signs of aging and rejuvenate your youthful glow. It gives you supplementary dose of essential vitamins and natural oils to keep skin woes at bay!

Glycolic Acid – Our Holy Grail Exfoliator


What is it?

We can’t rave enough about this acid! Glycolic and citric acids are members of the alpha-hydroxy family and target signs of aging such as wrinkles, dark spots and enlarged pores.

Why should I use it?

Owing to its exfoliating properties glycolic acid helps with skin brightening leaving you with a smoother brighter complexion. With the capability of tackling just about any skin concern we can rightly compare glycolic acid with a straight-A student that is at the top of their game in the extracurricular and social realm – not an easy task! The acid assists in dissolving oil and sebum at the top layer of your skin; exfoliating dead skin cells that your go-to scrub missed leaving you with baby soft skin!

How do I get my hands on it?

The Ordinary’s AHA 30% + BHA 2% PEELING SOLUTION will give your skin a dual dose of glycolic and salicylic acid together. Power couple goals? We say AMEN!

Salicylic Acid – Acne’s biggest foe and your best friend


What is it?

"Salicylic acid is a beta hydroxy acid, which means the hydroxy part of the molecule is separated from the acid part by two carbon atoms, as opposed to an alpha hydroxy acid where they're separated by one carbon atom," says Randy Schueller, a cosmetic chemist in Chicago. "This structure is important because it makes salicylic acid more oil soluble so it can penetrate into the pores of the skin," shares Schueller.

Why should I use it?

Salicylic acid is considered a keratolytic medication which means it is best for deep skin exfoliation. The keratolytic medication softens and sloughs the top layer of skin cells which unclogs pores and gives your skin the exfoliation it craves for. Here’s our best kept secret – it helps to dissolve those unwanted black heads. Waving goodbye to dull skin and hello to a glowing complexion!

How do I get my hands on it?

Herbivore Botanical’s Blue Tansy AHA + BHA Resurfacing Clarity Mask  will give you a therapeutic experience, decongesting pores and soothing your complexion.

Ascorbic Acid – Boost your Vitamin C glow

What is it?

Don’t get tricked by the fancy name, ascorbic acid is good old Vitamin C which is a potent antioxidant. Joshua Zeichner, the director of cosmetic and clinical research at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City says "Vitamin C is a key component to many skin brightening regimens, as it interferes with pigment production and keeps inflammation at bay. It may even help protect the skin from pre-cancerous changes from UV light exposure by neutralizing free radicals."

Why should I use it?

For starters, the sweet but citrus-y concoction will brighten your face — along with your day. If you are still not convinced then it also helps in protecting skin from dirt, smog, and whatever your skins is exposed to on the subway platform.

How do I get my hands on it?

Hylamide’s  C25 and The Ordinary’s  VITAMIN C SUSPENSION 23% + HA SPHERES 2% are magic skin potions that are the ultimate skin-brightening cocktails. Our beauty tip- keep skin products spiked with the Vitamin C in your ongoing skin-care rotation.



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