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Size: 30 sticks


Ajanta temple grade incense sticks are a sensual blend of sonorous spices, herbs and aromatic barks, which evoke the spirit of ancient, mysterious temples adorned with carvings and stunning masterpieces of Buddhist art, hidden deep in the Maharashtra region of India. Profound base notes of spicy clove and cinnamon surround you on this pilgrimage, tantalizing the senses. Warming camphor and tangy lemongrass then unfold, with a distant murmur of licorice, leading you deeper into this alluring plant perfume. Ajanta is a wonderfully evocative scent known for its clearing properties.


Each pure herbal incense stick is 15 cm long and burns for around 33 minutes. 


Traditional, high grade incense sticks are made using 100% aromatic plant components (herbs, spices, aromatic barks, seeds and saps), bound with water. 

Incense sticks are free from: a bamboo core, charcoal, essential oils, synthetic perfumes or ingredients.


Ume was created by Emma Leafe after several influential journeys – visiting temples, exquisite tea houses and sacred places across the globe. Seeking out the purest varieties of natural incense and elegant burning accessories, which are essential to many indigenous cultures, yet otherwise are rare to find outside their country of origin.

Artisan producers of quality incense sticks, Ume blends only natural, high grade, fragrant plant material inspired by ancient recipes. These raw ingredients consist of precious medicinal plants, herbs, spices, aromatic tree barks, seeds and saps, they are imbued with thousands of years of development.

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